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25 years LIFE programme

Capacity building

Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MIT)

The Department for Climate Policy of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology is responsible for the implementation and coordination of LIFE Climate Action Sub-programme as it is stated in the Ministerial decree no. 33/2014. (October 10). Given that by 1 January 2014, the administrative coordination of LIFE projects was in the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture and its predecessors, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology has coordinating experience since 1 January 2014. Since then, our ministry has had the privilege to perform the the tasks of the National Contact Point for LIFE Climate Action Sub-programme participating in the work of the LIFE Committee and engaging in both online and offline dissemination and helping to realize four project proposals (LIFE - E&P BUS, LIFE AA, LIFE AgroNexTools, LIFE SAFEWATER). Besides, the National Contact Point participated and held a presentation at the Hungarian LIFE Information Day on June 25, 2014. In addition, the Ministry has comprehensive experience in policy making in relation to other EU programs, such as the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operational Programme, as well as in the Environment and Energy Operational Programme. The elaboration of the present capacity building project proposal is legally based on the Government Decision no. 1856/2014. 




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