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25 years LIFE programme



LIFE NCP and LIFE Project Meeting Lisbon, Portugal

Ms Ágnes Szijártó from the Ministry of Agriculture participated in a study trip at Lisbon within the framework of the „Pioneers into practice” programme financed by the Climate-KIC organisation. As she was already at the Portuguese capital she took the opportunity to meet the Portuguese LIFE NCP and the managers of successful LIFE projects within the country.

LIFE Clim’Foot Project Final Conference

Barbara KOVÁCS and Ágnes SZIJÁRTÓ from the MIT and the MoA were invited by the coordinators of LIFE Clim’Foot project (ADEME, the French environment and energy agency) to the final conference of the project to share their views on the possible policy uptake of project results in their country within the framework of a roundtable discussion. All costs of this participation were borne by the French inviters (ADEME).

EU LIFE Infoday, Brussels, Belgium

Two members of the LCT Team participated in the annual LIFE Info Day in Brussels. It provided up-to-date and valuable information regarding the prioritites of the Call2018, while also providing great networking opportunities for our colleagues. Thanks to their participation the whole LCT was well prepared for the annual call and could support more efficiently the potential Hungarian applicants. The lessons learnt at the event were shared immediately with HU LIFE applicants at our national Infoday on 10 May, 2018.

NCP networking and experience exchange workshop and Croatian LIFE Info Day – Zagreb, Croatia

LIFE NCPs and Capacity Building project coordinators from the MIT and the MoA participated in an NCP networking and experience exchange workshop and LIFE Info Day organized by the Croatian LIFE NCP Team in Zagreb. The first day was exclusively for LIFE CAP NCP Teams, where the participants presented their achievements and the challenges they are facing. The workshop, especially the presentation the Slovenian NCP Team regarding state co-financing prescribed by the law, was highly instructive for the Hungarian NCPs and provided essential help in establishing the detailes of the HU national co-financing system and its procedures. The second day was the Croatian LIFE Info Day, which provided valuable networking for our Nature, Environment and Climate NCP Teams, as well.

LIFE Kick-off Meeting Brussels, Belgium

Two members of the LIFE Environment support team of the MoA took part at the kick-off meeting of LIFE traditional projects, as two Hungarian proposals were successful under Call 2017: Green & Safe LIFE-styles (GIE) and WISEDRAVALIFE (NAT). Great lessons were learnt from the presentations of other projects, as well, used later on in the frame of personal consultations of LIFE applicants at the Ministry of Agriculture.

Informal Member State Consultation on the LIFE Multiannual Work Programme 2018-2020 - Riga, Latvia

Barbara KOVÁCS and Ágnes SZIJÁRTÓ from the MIT and the MoA participated in an informal consultation of the upcoming LIFE MAWP 2018-2020 in Riga. 10 NCPs from Member States and colleagues from DG CLIMA, EASME and NEEMO were also present in the meeting. Some crucial disagreements and conflicts of interest among Member States and within the Commission could not be handled within one session of consultations in May 2017, therefore, an informal meeting was organised by the Latvial LIFE NCP Team. Thanks to Riga informal consultations, the participating actors could agree in compromise solutions in many sensitive topics concerning the new MAWP, which were all communicated directly to EASME, DG CLIMA and DG Environment. The conclusions of this consultation were taken into consideration in the final text of the MAWP.

LIFE CLINOMICS Platform Days in Barcelona, Spain

Péter VIGH, the adaptation expert of the Hungarian LIFE Climate Team participated in the LIFE CLINOMICS urban adaptation platform days in Barcelona, where various actors of LIFE Programme (LIFE project managers, UN HABITAT, EASME, NEEMO and DG CLIMA colleagues, advisers) were present. Thanks to the participation of the CCA adviser in the platform day, the LCT has up-to-date information in the field of urban adaptation, which is actually a high priority for the EC. Lessons learnt on climate adaptation were integrated to the “LIFE CLIMA Toolkit” created by the LCT in late 2017- early 2018 for the share knowledge on Climate Policy topics with Hungarian applicants. The workshop topic is particularly relevant in the Hungarian capital, as the development of the Climate Strategy for Budapest is currently ongoing. Before the trip to Barcelona, Péter VIGH participated and held a presentation on LIFE in a conference related to this strategy. There are two more conferences/workshops planned in the topic of this Climate Strategy and the organisers are looking forward to hear more presentations on LIFE Programme, directly linked to best practices.

EU LIFE Information Day Brussels, Belgium

Two members of the LIFE Environment support team of the MoA took part at the one-day EU LIFE Infoday in Brussels. Lessons learnt at the event will be incorporated into the NCP presentations a few weeks later, as the Hungarian national infoday and the Drafting Workshop both take place in June 2017.

LIFE Networking Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Two members of the LIFE Environment support team of the MoA, accompanied by interested organisations from Hungary took part at the 2-day workshop organised by the Slovenian LIFE team. The conference provided a great opportunity for information sharing, getting familiar with LIFE best practices and networking with interested organisations from other Member States (mainly from SI, IT, HR) for more transnational LIFE projekts with HU participation in the near future.

NCP Training 2017 in Brussels, Belgium

Hungarian LIFE NCPs and Capacity Building project coordinators from the MIT and the MoA also participated in the annual NCP training organised by EASME between 14 and 15 March 2017 in Brussels. Apart from the technical practicalities and the lessons learnt concerning the effective support of applicants, financial and ‘close-to-market’ topics were also part of the agenda. The participating colleagues now have a better and more up-to-date understanding of the financial matters regarding the LIFE Programme and the newly introduced ‘close-to-market’ approach. This knowledge helps the LCT and the Environment-nature support teams to provide better pieces of advice for potential LIFE applicants, (especially SMEs) in Hungary.

Bavarian LIFE Info Day in Augsburg, Germany

Kata KONSTANTIN, Dr. participated and held a presentation on the Bavarian LIFE Info Day in Augsburg. Regional NCPs and project managers participated in the meeting from 16 federal states of Germany. As a result of this event, the LCT was able to connect potential Hungarian (Hungarian Climate Alliance – MÉVSZ) and German (Bayerische Elektrizitätswerke – BEW) LIFE applicants directly in order to form a potential transnational consortium.

LIFE IP Kick-off Meeting in Helsinki, Finland

LIFE NCPs and Capacity Building project coordinators from the MIT and the MoA participated in the IP kick-off meeting and platform days in Finland between 7 and 9 February 2017. They met the project managers of 15 LIFE Integrated Projects and visited the project site of LIFE FRESHABIT IP. The IP meeting enabled the LCT to create a fruitful informal relationship with the IP project managers. Through this newly established network the LCT and the environment support team gained substantial knowledge regarding Integrated Projects, which will be utilized during the drafting of Hungarian LIFE IP Concept Notes and Full Proposals.

NCP Networking Workshop in Zagreb, Croatia

MIT and MoA participated in an NCP networking and experience exchange workshop organized by the Croatian LIFE CB project team between 8 and 9 December, 2016 in Zagreb. Within the framework of the workshop, experienced LIFE NCPs (from IT, FI, UK and AT) shared their knowledge and experiences with CB countries’ NCPs (from BG, EL, SI, SK, HR and HU). NCPs enriched with best practices in support of LIFE applicants from knowledge-sharing (newsletters, trainings, comprehensive descriptions of the calls) to concrete proposal-drafting. NCPs and CAP project coordinators have integrated the lessons learnt in Croatia into their everyday helpdesk activities. 

New initiatives to help boost LIFE programme participation

The European Commission has decided to fund capacity building activities in 14 Member States to increase their participation in the EU's LIFE programme supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects.

Member States with a relatively low share of successful applicants to the LIFE programme will receive up to €1 million for capacity building activities. The grant will allow them to carry out a set of actions such as hiring additional staff for LIFE national or regional contact points, organising training sessions for potential applicants, creating a network of potential applicants, exchanging best practises among Member States or running targeted communication campaigns.

 Download the full list of initiatives per Member State.


Indicative planning for the LIFE call 2017

The 2017 LIFE Call is provisionally planned to be published on the 28 April 2017. Please find below an indicative timetable for the call:


Project type

priority objective



Traditional projects

Climate Action ( LIFE Climate Change Mitigation; LIFE Climate Change Adaptation; LIFE Climate Governance and Information)



Environment (ENV - Environment and Resource Efficiency)



Environment (NAT - Nature and Biodiversity)



Environment (GIE - Environmental Governance and Information)



Preparatory Projects




Integrated Projects first phase

Environment; Climate Action



Integrated Projects second phase

Environment; Climate Action

Mid-March 18




LIFE Capacity Building in Hungary - study visit in Italy of the Hungarian LIFE Climate Team

Meetings with the Italian LIFE NCP and several Italian LIFE projects’ representatives ( 26th - 30th September 2016)".

The newly established LIFE Climate Team of the Hungarian Ministry of National Development, within the framework of the “LIFE Capacity Building Project in Hungary (LIFE14 CAP/HU/00010 – LIFECAPHUN)”, participated in a study trip across Italy between 26th and 30th September 2016, in order to meet the beneficiaries of 9 Italian LIFE projects and to visit some of the project sites, as well.

According to Article 18 of the LIFE Regulation, some EU Member states (such as Hungary) and LIFE NCPs have in fact the possibility to apply for grants in order to implement activities to develop capacities for a more efficient participation in the LIFE programme. The Capacity Building Projects may include the exchange of experiences and best practices with the Member states (such as Spain and Italy) which have a high rate of successful LIFE project proposals.

The Hungarian LIFE Climate Team selected for its study visit the following Italian  LIFE projects representing the most relevant topics concerning the needs and interests of the Hungarian applicants:LIFE ManFor C.BD, LIFE FoResMit, LIFE AGRICARE, LIFE WSTORE2, LIFE HEROTILE, LIFE IRIS, LIFE PRIMES, LIFE Climate ChangE-R and LIFE Helpsoil.

The Italian LIFE NCP welcomed the Hungarian initiative and participated actively in the organisation of the study visit. Furthermore, on the 26th September the Italian LIFE NCP staff, during  a joint meeting in Rome (at the Headquarters of the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea), explained to Hungarian colleagues the several activities carried out in terms of supporting Italian LIFE applicants and beneficiaries.

Some members of the Italian LIFE NCP team also accompanied the Hungarian delegation during its study visit in Florence (Monte Morello, Fonti dei Seppi - Sesto Fiorentino), Venice (Brussa di Caorle, “ValleVecchia” Farm), Ferrara, Bologna and Mantova (Gazzo di Bigarello - “ERSAF Carpaneta” Farm) between 27th  and 30th  September 2016.

Visiting the Danube Floodplain National Park

(11-12/10/2016 Nationalpark Donau-Auen, Austria)

In the framework of the ’Life in the Forest’ project (LIFEinFORESTS, LIFE13 INF/HU/001163) nearly 50 experts on forestry and nature conversation participated in a study tour, which was organised by the Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate.

The 20-year-old Danube-Auen National Park sets a high value on the presentation of the Danube River, which has a significant impact on the region, from the starting formation to the measures of water regulation. 

Achieving the goals of the ‘LIFE Capacity Building in Hungary’ project (LIFE14 CAP/HU/000010) the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture visited the event in order to gain experience and study Austrian best practices. 

Visiting ’the land of the thousand lakes’

The representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, within the framework of the ’LIFE Capacity Building in Hungary’ project, visited Finland between 23-29 October 2016 in order to gather some experience on the successful implementation of LIFE projects and share them with the potential applicants in Hungary. 

While organizing the study tour the main point was to be able to get as much information and as many results as possible that were encountered in the development and implementation of the projects, furthermore to identify proposals for problem solving. In the framework of further trainings in the capacity building project these practices will be shared with the domestic applicants being in the application process as well as with those willing to submit applications in the near future in the framework of further trainings in the capacity building project.


A working group has been set up to facilitate successful Hungarian LIFE applications. We wish to help you in regard to the following:

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