Last update: 05-25 -2020
25 years LIFE programme

LIFE programme

Private Finance for Energy Efficiency (PF4EE)

LIFE funding will now also be channeled through the Private Finance for Energy Efficiency, the first of two new financial instruments under this programme.

 The Private Finance for Energy Efficiency (PF4EE) aims to increase private financing for investments in energy efficiency enhancing projects.

 The management of the PF4EE instrument is entrusted to the European Investment Bank (EIB).

 The PF4EE will combine lending from the EIB to financial intermediaries with protection against losses associated with making loans for energy efficiency projects. The Financial Instrument will help intermediary banks in Member States to develop and offer specific loan programmes for energy efficiency projects. These loan programs will be aligned with the national energy efficiency action plans. The Financial Instrument will also provide support and technical assistance aiming at effectively deploying the PF4EE Instrument by increasing the technical capacity of the financial intermediaries.


For more information please visit the webpage of the European Investment Bank and the webpage of European Commission



PF4EE details.pdf

PF4EE at LIFE Committee 2015.pdf

PF4EE for NCP Training June 2015.pdf

PF4EE Q&A 2015.pdf

PF4EE Q&A 2016.pdf

LIFE EASME Q&A 2016.pdf


If you have more questions about the LIFE programme and PF4EE program, the Team of the LIFE Climate Action are at your disposal.

Kovács Barbara, LIFE national contact point

Ministry of National Development

Climate Action Development

Tel.: + 36 (1) 896 31 29



Tamási Márkó,  LIFE legal-financial advisor

Ministry of National Development

Climate Action Development

Tel.: + 36 (1) 795 34 08